• Why social media ?
  • What kind of content can I share ?
  • Who will my content be visible to ?
  • How will my school get popular ?
  • How can I add teachers and parents ?
  • How much time does it take to set the system up ?
  • Is my school data secure ?
  • How can parents log on into the system ?

90% of the population uses social media like Facebook and twitter. When a content is shared on a platform like Facebook the content is visible to the entire network of the
parent´s community thereby increasing desirability and the visibility of your school.

You can share content in the form of text, pictures and videos.

When a school or a teacher posts content, it is visible to the entire school. The content is private to the users that are registered.

Presence on social media generates interest around the school. When posts about the school is shared on social media like Facebook, twitter and google plus, it ensures that people know about the fun activities in your school which increases their desire to be associated with your school.

You can add teachers and parents by registering their name and their phone numbers.

The system is cloud based and can be downloaded in less than 2 minutes. The admin can set up the system by registering parents and teachers.

The data that is uploaded by your school is private only to your school. No outsider can view pictures or any content unless you share it on a public platform.

Parents can log on to the system using a unique username and password or a log in code provided by the school.